New Watt

A High-Tech company integrated with activities of R&D, Manufacturing, and Sales.

Equipped with full-industry R&D capability, self-owned core technology and patented intellectual property, we aim at global market, focus on innovation of steam technology and its all-field applications in all industries.

Owned hundreds of intellectual property rights and patents, New Watt's scientific research team brings together Chinese thermodynamic experts and internet industry elites from Silicon Valley to successfully showcase New Watt’s expertise and innovation in world-class steam system platforms.

E-Karwash , For the Greener Future

Brand Values

Our brand values are sustainability, innovation, convenience, reliability, and customer satisfaction. These values guide our every decision and action, from using steam generation technology to offering mobile car wash services. We are dedicated to being environmentally conscious while providing a convenient and reliable car wash experience that exceeds customer expectations.

Mobile Digitalized Steam-tech Car-wash Machine

Instant Steam Generation Technology
1 Bottle of Water to Clean Your Car at Anytime & Anywhere



the machine integrates dust elimination, exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, engine cleaning, sterilization functions into one to provide value-added service.

  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Sterilization
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Wheel Cleaning

To-Door “Mobile” Car Wash Platform


What problems are we solving?

High water consumption and secondary pollution have become global problems of Car Wash industry

Anywhere & Anytime

  • People can order to get a door-to-door service with the most advanced mobile steam tech car-washing machine

Water-saving with NO secondary pollution

  • the Mobile steam tech car-washing machine consumes 1 bottle of water to finish the service without polluted water generated.

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No. 30, Tian Quan Xi Li, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, P.R. China


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+86 592 517 3858


Dubai Digital Park, Building A6, 2nd Floor, Office 211, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai


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+971 56 177 3484